How to make a farmhouse address sign

I had a client that was looking to add farmhouse curb appeal and needed a new address sign. I searched Pinterest and came across this sign from Wit and Wander. I liked it so much I decided to modify it for my client. I got out my measuring tape and adjusted the size requirements of the board. Then I went to the hardware store and learned how to attach my address sign to brick. I chose a 20 in wide 1×12 poplar board.[Read more]

Living Room Farmhouse Decor

  Milk Can // Botanical Prints // Wooden Ladder // Barnwood Window Frames // Bless This Home Pillow // Cotton Wreath // Oversized Clock // Tobacco Basket Every now and then I channel my inner Joanna Gaines. You know her. I’m sure you’ve got one too. It’s the little voice that pops up every once in awhile and says “that wall could use some shiplap”. Anyway. I was noticing my living room didn’t quite have that farmhouse flair I was[Read more]

Essie Gel Couture Review


I spend an unreasonable amount of time looking at nail polish on Pinterest. I’m obsessed. I was getting my nails done pretty regularly when I was pregnant but once the baby came it was hard to find the time to get away and go to the salon. And, even if I got away, the dry time of regular polish prevented me from picking up my baby for a while after my manicure. Every time I’m at the salon they try[Read more]

Momma Hearts Chalk Paint

I found this old baking table at an estate sale. For a while it served its purpose as my coffee station but it needed some love and restoration. We are remodeling our kitchen soon and I decided that painting the baking table was a good way to get the ball rolling. I went to a local paint store and labored over colors. I ended up choosing American Paint Company’s Voyage (blue) and Sack Cloth (Greige). These colors complemented the soft yellow[Read more]

My favorite Fall drink

It is upon us. Fall. I was driving past the grocery store and saw mums out front for sale. All I needed was this first sign of Fall to get me going. Cozy sweaters, crock pot meals, tailgating, chili cook offs, pumpkins on the front porch and cider mill donuts: I love it all. At the turn of the season I change out my warm weather, refreshing vodka soda for a caramel apple. It’s such a simple, perfect drink that[Read more]

Why I use cloth diapers

While I was pregnant I struggled with the idea of spending a good portion of our household income on diapers. I worried about the inconvenience of running out, and the thought of every diaper I threw away going into a landfill didn’t sit well with me either. I considered my options. If I wanted to cut down on cost, I could have a diaper party. If I was worried about the environment, I could get the cute, eco-friendly disposables. However,[Read more]