Living Room Farmhouse Decor

Living Room Farmhouse Decor Pin


Milk Can // Botanical Prints // Wooden Ladder // Barnwood Window Frames // Bless This Home Pillow // Cotton Wreath // Oversized Clock // Tobacco Basket

Every now and then I channel my inner Joanna Gaines. You know her. I’m sure you’ve got one too. It’s the little voice that pops up every once in awhile and says “that wall could use some shiplap”.

Anyway. I was noticing my living room didn’t quite have that farmhouse flair I was going for. We’ve just agreed to a huge kitchen renovation so all extra spending is on hold. However, I started making an Amazon wish list for once I can make all those smiley boxes appear at my front door. Here’s what I’ll be getting for my living room to make my home feel a little more like a farmhouse. 


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