My favorite Fall drink

It is upon us. Fall.

I was driving past the grocery store and saw mums out front for sale. All I needed was this first sign of Fall to get me going. Cozy sweaters, crock pot meals, tailgating, chili cook offs, pumpkins on the front porch and cider mill donuts: I love it all.

At the turn of the season I change out my warm weather, refreshing vodka soda for a caramel apple. It’s such a simple, perfect drink that I’m surprised that I’ve only recently discovered it! The combination of caramel vodka and apple cider is so good, it can be served cold or you can warm it up and put it in your favorite mug.  I’m thinking of serving it to the adults who come by with little trick-or-treaters.



Combine 1 shot of Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka with 8 ounces of Apple Cider and Enjoy!




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